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Tenerife – an Eternal Spring Island

Tenerife – an Eternal Spring Island

Tenerife – an Eternal Spring Island

A small spot on the African coast should draw the attention of holidaymakers who want to enjoy the warmth at any time of the year. Tenerife, the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, deservedly conquered the hearts of holidaymakers around the world.

On an island dominated by eternal spring, people travel to revive their bodies and minds. This place has much more to offer than just relaxing on the beach and bustling evenings at resort cafes. With its mild and warm climate, the dripping ocean has turned this island into a true holiday paradise. But Tenerife guarantees far more than just wonderful weather.

Paradise Place for Versatility

This Canary Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the particularly favorable climate for a year-round holiday. Many travellers will confirm that visiting Tenerife at least once in their life and seeing the beauty of the island with their own eyes is a must.

The tourism infrastructure in the Canary Islands is well developed, so that holidaymakers flock there all year round. And everyone here is finding what they are looking for. Holidays in Tenerife are perfect for tourists of all ages, as the island is full of entertainment that meets different expectations and desires. Travellers can choose between a bustling resort or a quiet authentic town, a luxury hotel or a modest yet comfortable apartment, or home.

‘Visit to The Moon’

If you want to bring the best memories from the island, you should not just spend your holidays in the hotel, home or apartment. The island has exceptional attractions and the most enchanting is Tenerife Nature. The area of ​​the island is not large, but the nature is very contrasting.

‘Visit to the Moon’ – associates with the rise to the Teide volcano in Tenerife. You can swap your solar baths for an unforgettable trip to the moon without any hassle. Tenerife means snow-covered hill for the first inhabitants of the island. That is the name given to her by accident. It’s a tribute to the unique nature creature on the island – the Teide volcano. It is the highest mountain in the Atlantic Ocean and the third largest volcano in the world. In the very center of the island, its snow-capped peak at 3718 m, is the highest point in all of Spain and has long been identified as a beacon. Now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of Spain’s wonders.

Teide volcano in Tenerife in the light of the rising sun

The Teide volcano is believed to have created a great climate on the island. It is the volcano that divides Tenerife into two climate zones – wet with abundant vegetation in the north and sunny and dry in the southwest.

The landscape here actually resembles the Moon, or our planet in the time of dinosaurs. Stagnant lava pieces, rocks of all shapes, snow shining on top of a mountain. The Teide volcano is believed to have created such a great climate on the island. It is the volcano that divides Tenerife into two climate zones – wet with abundant vegetation in the north and sunny and dry in the southwest.

Spectacular views will open as you ascend the serpentines up the hill, so take the opportunity to stop for a panoramic view. When you arrive at Teide, you will surely remain promising and you will be greeted by the spectacular cliffs. A few hundred years ago, it took 29 hours to reach the peak of the Naturalist Alexander von Humbolt, and now tourists can do it in just 10 minutes. Almost to the top of the volcano, a cable car lifts, leaving 163 meters to walk. Those who are looking for a challenge to the volcano may try to climb themselves, but it will take much longer. Traveling to Teide is recommended throughout the day, but the views you see last a lifetime. There is so much to admire here.

At dusk, the mysteries of the constellations are revealed, and those who want to know them should take this opportunity. Tenerife is recognized as one of the best star-watching destinations in the world by its highly transparent skies, anti-pollution airspace and high peaks.

The most important tip is to experience Tenerife yourself. Offering top-class amenities, unique Spanish culture and gourmet cuisine, this exotic island is definitely the perfect place for an exclusive vacation. The biggest advantage of the eternal spring island is that you can get to know it at any time of the year. This enormously adorable corner of paradise will certainly leave no one indifferent and will return to it again and again.



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